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Love your Islands, Use your Islands!

Dear fellow Neapolitans,

Your NIA has been in overdrive these past months in the ongoing effort “to maintain and improve” our Island community! We have been to Coastal Commission meetings to fight for our “second phase” Seawall replacement. I hope we all are excited about the fact that MILLIONS OF DOLLARS are being spent to improve and protect our unique Islands and waterways. The neighborhood, the locals, the Long Beach residents, the Long Beach government and even the California State Coastal Commission realize that Naples is a California treasure worth protecting! We are also daily communicating with the City in regards to short term rentals on the Island in that ongoing effort to protect and preserve the lifestyle we all signed up for upon choosing this community to hang our hats…. Our beloved fountain has been getting the attention needed and the park is on its way to a beautiful restoration. The pumps and lights are in full working order, all the broken tiles have been replaced with the custom designs and the trees are being negotiated as we speak for replacement. These are just “a few of our favorite things” on our daily list with many more you don’t need to worry about cause rest assured, we have your back on all fronts.

Ok, enough business! Lets get down to some summer plans cause its maybe the greatest season on the Island and its right around the corner. How many times to do you get to the end of a busy summer and realize you forgot to stop and smell the SALT and left some summer experiences on the table? Make a list now of what you want your summer to include, attack it with delight and look back on the most memorable summer in recent history!

Here is a sample list of using and abusing our special place on Earth. Add, subtract and get creative and enjoy the Local Paradise in which we live!

· Take at least 10 laps around the canals, that’s 10 if by land and 10 if by sea!

· Walk to and dine or imbibe at every food and drink establishment on the Island.

· Make at the very least 1 trip 26 miles across the Sea to our “Sister” Island, Catalina. My goal is a minimum of 12 days on Catalina, including my daughters 21st Bday whose name is also Catalina.

· Walk from Naples to the end of the Peninsula and back, on the sand at waters edge, at sunset.

· BBQ at least 10 times at your house and 5 at a neighbors.

· Go with friends or take friends, by boat, to dinner at a local waterfront restaurant.

· Eat Pancakes at the Colonnade.

· Spend an entire day on the Island, if you have to leave, ride a bike.

· Enjoy a pizza cruise for 12 on the big Gondola! Oh c’mon, I had to say it. It is after all the only place in the World where you can do such a thing. Of course, ask for your Island discount! We serve Domenicos!

· Wear flip flops for 3 straight days!

· Make a trip to every Ice cream store on the Island and the Shore. Ha! Could take all summer!

Love your Islands, use your Islands. We have 3 Islands, with 8 bridges, 2 canals, surrounded by a bay, a Marine stadium for watersking, at least 9 waterfront restaurants, an Oceanfront with a barrier reef and the Pacific Ocean with offshore Islands. Now that’s something to write home about! GET OUT AND PLAY!

Michael O'Toole

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