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Naples Improvement Association and Naples Island CommunityHonored Nationally for Newsletter and Emergency Preparedness Initiatives

Updated: 3 days ago

Members of the NIA's "editorial team" along with LB Councilmember, Kristina Duggan

The Naples Improvement Association (NIA) has been honored with multiple national awards in recognition of the organization’s, and the community’s, commitment to connecting and engaging residents.

On May 24, at their national conference in Lubbock, TX, Neighborhoods USA (NUSA) announced their selections of neighborhoods and non-profit organizations of the year. The NIA was awarded Newsletter of the Year - Print Category. The quarterly publication is produced by a team of 20+ volunteers who share with the community their talents in writing, photography, layout, print management, and content planning.

Naples Island and the NIA were also designated as a Neighborhood of the Year Honoree, taking 3rd place for their outstanding efforts in Community Emergency Preparedness. Naples boasts one of the most structured and prepared community-level emergency response plans in all of Southern California. In collaboration with Long Beach CERT and the LB Fire Department, Naples has placed and trained over 80 “Block Captains” who connect and educate the island’s 4,000 residents on how to survive a region-wide earthquake, tsunami, flood, fire or other widespread disaster that would prohibit the timely response of professional emergency responders (such as fire fighers and EMTs). Many of the Block Captains have undertaken the official training of the LB Fire Department’s CERT Program. The 20-hour program trains attendees how to prepare for disasters, partner with neighbors, navigate an actual disaster, and respond in the aftermath. Naples was also recognized for the creation and publication of a tailored Emergency Preparedness Guide (featuring checklists, tips and worksheets to help residents start their preparedness at home) and for introducing a community-level Emergency Preparedness Fair called Naples READY Fest.

NIA President, Tony Digiovanni, shared: “The NIA is proud of its many community volunteers. They freely bring their skills, time and commitment-to-community… and directly enhance quality of life for all.”

Fellow Long Beach community, El Dorado Park Estates Neighborhood Association, was also recognized as a finalist In the Neighborhood of the Year category. Additionally, several Long Beach communities (among numerous others from across the country) were in the running for Newsletter of the Year honors, including: Belmont Heights Community Association, Eldo Park Estates Neighborhood Association, and Alamitos Heights Improvement Association.

Members of the LB CERT Naples Team joined by LB Fire Department

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