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An Opportunity to Restrict Un-Hosted Short-Term Rentals

The City of Long Beach defines a short-term rental (STR) as a home, or portion of a home, rented to paying guests for short stays (30 consecutive days or less)  There are two (2) types of rental activity: Hosted or Un-Hosted.

Hosted Rental activity is defined as a rental whereby the registrant remains on-site and resides in a qualified dwelling unit or portion thereof throughout the guest’s stay.  The registrant must either be an owner of the property or an authorized long-term tenant of the property.   

Un-Hosted Rental activity is defined as a rental where the registration holder is not required to be present or remain on-site during their guest’s stay.

There are Naples’ residents that offer a room in their home as a short-term rental and have for a number for years.  This is not the issue at hand.  While vacation rentals have been a reality in beach communities, and elsewhere for years, with the advent of VRBO and Airbnb, Un-Hosted STRS proliferated.  While often the rental agreements state that parties are prohibited, certain properties became known as Party Houses. 

Prior to the pandemic, residents particularly from Naples and the Peninsula (including the then presidents of NIA, NIBA, NIGC), worked with our previous Councilwoman, and we even took a bus as a group to City Hall to testify in opposition to Un-Hosted short-term rentals at a Council Meeting.   This resulted in an ordinance that enables homeowners to petition the restriction of Un-Hosted Short-Term Rentals in a certain Census Tract Block.  Naples is made up of one census tract with three census blocks.  There are residents in one census block that have expressed interest in doing so.  As Naples is in the local coastal zone, the Coastal Commission has made modifications.  While there is opposition to STRs, there are homeowners that are in favor and do rent out their properties as Un-Hosted STRs on Naples.  Watch for updates in the NIA Hot Topics eblasts.  More information may be found at:  

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