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I'm Prepared… Are You?

Hi! I’m Sully, named after Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, who landed a jetliner in the Hudson. Like him, I’m prepared for the unexpected, including a big disaster such as an earthquake, fire, or flood. My mums know they may not be home, or may not have time to gather my favorite things, in an emergency. So, some of the things they have prepared are:

  • My own emergency plan

  • emergency contacts, including who can check on me or take care of me if they can’t get home,

  • a list of off-island friends and pet-friendly lodging we can go to if needed, and

  • information on my health, veterinarian, and medication stuff.

  • My own emergency kit

- a leash (and harness),

- 3-days worth of food and treats (very important),

- a blanket,

- a couple of my favorite toys,

- some first aid supplies for me,

- my medicine, and

- a photo of me in case I get lost.

They keep everything in a backpack right by their own emergency kits and go bags. They said it was easy to put together, because they downloaded the Red Cross “Pet First Aid” app onto their phones (available at It has EVERYTHING on it… videos, quizzes and step-by-step advice on pet first aid; a pet-friendly hotel locator; and tips for creating a pet emergency plan, a first aid kit, an emergency kit; and a lot more. It’s free and super easy to use.

My mums, human-types call them Donna Fleming and Theresa Robie, are involved in the Long Beach CERT – Naples Island (“Naples CERT”) program. They’ve got the whole island organized by blocks and divisions and are always looking for people to help out, including identifying volunteers willing to help with pet care in a disaster. Anyone interested in learning more should reach out to

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