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Survey Says…

In February the NIA conducted an island-wide survey of residents. We had nearly 300 responses!

What is the NIA doing well?

Overall, the NIA is very much appreciated and islanders greatly value having the organization in the community. The NIA gets decent marks for:

• Government relations

• Community engagement

• Safety/Neighborhood Watch

• Emergency preparedness/CERT

• Being a forum for information sharing

• Programming events such as the Boat Parade, Pancake Breakfast and Summer Concerts

• Coverage of the social scene in Naples News

Where can we improve?

You would like to hear from the NIA more frequently and with more detail about the status of projects and initiatives. You also want more “news” content on our website,

What are members’ priorities?

There were numerous recurring topics, including:

• Safety and security/Neighborhood Watch

• Emergency Preparedness/CERT

• NIA representation to the City

• Periodic “clean-up” of the islands and waterways

• Connecting with neighbors - social options

• Condition of streets and sidewalks

• 2nd Street corridor

• Community engagement/activation

• Parking, traffic flow, speed control

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