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Bob Lane - 2024 Heartwell Honoree

Following is the transcript of remarks given by Michael O’Toole (pictured above) as he presented the 2024 Heartwell Award to Bob Lane at the NIA’s Holiday Awards and Community Celebration, held February 10 at the Long Beach Yacht Club. Michael was the 2023 Heartwell Honoree. 

Photo courtesy of Caught in the Moment Photography.

Pictured left to right: Bob Lane, 2024 Heartwell Honoree, and Michael O’Toole, 2023 Heartwell Honoree. Photo courtesy of Caught In the Moment Photography. 

This year’s Heartwell winner can often be seen roaming the Island, checking in on businesses, reporting graffiti, talking with neighbors, and sharing information. You’ve heard him making announcements at the pancake breakfast, you’ve read his articles in Naples News, you’ve seen him at practically all of our community meetings. He has two official roles here on Naples, he is on the board of directors of the NIA where he serves as Community Liaison, and he is the President of the Naples Island Business Association. By now, you have figured out that this year’s honoree is Bob Lane. And not to confuse you, most of you know we have two Bob Lanes on the Island. This is not the world class sailor of Medicine Man, but this Bob did take sailing lessons this past summer at the Yacht Club on Taco Tuesdays. Bob’s dual roles leverage off each other while representing Naples to the City. He works with Councilwoman Duggan and her team regularly, interacts with the City’s department heads, and sits on the Long Beach Council of Business Associations. 

Bob grew up in Brea with two sisters, a brother, a mom who worked part time at the local elementary school and his dad who was the Planning Administrator for the County of Orange. The family would regularly take road trips, often to a cabin next to a river or lake where they would fish. Bob played Little League, took trumpet lessons, was student body president at Brea-Olinda High School, and graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in Public Administration. 

He worked at Disneyland in college and after graduation stayed at the Resort managing various restaurants and shops. His Mom and his three siblings all worked at Disneyland at one point, his Dad did not. Bob then worked at Universal Studios and finally did post-production accounting for HBO films. At Disneyland, while they were both working at the Davy Crockett Frontier Arcade, he met his future husband, Jeff Hoffman, a lifelong resident of 90803. Bob and Jeff have lived on Naples now for 22 years. 

A fun fact, former Heartwell honoree Jeannie Miller recruited Bob to replace her on the NIA board when she decided to retire. Celebrating with him tonight are his mom, Roberta Lane, brother, David Lane and his wife Dana, and close friends Andrew and Michelle Walker, and James and Hilary Bell, and of course Jeff. Please join me in congratulating the recipient of the 2024 Heartwell Award, Bob Lane.

Thank you, Bob, for everything you do for Naples.

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