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Neighbors Helping Neighbors
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THE PLAN was crafted by a team of Naples community members collaborating with Long Beach CERT (a program of the LBFD and FEMA — CERT stands for “Community Emergency Response Team”). In February 2019, the NIA formally adopted the team’s recommendations and put in place the first island-wide plan in nearly 20 years.


The Plan is based upon two distinct points of view—”Before and After.” 


BEFORE a major disaster, the focus is on…

• Awareness - the Community knows a plan exists,

• Commitment - the Community commits to support the plan, and

• Preparedness - Community Members stock up, connect, prepare, and practice.


AFTER a major disaster, the focus is on…

• Action - The Community deploys THE PLAN and fends for itself until professional responders arrive on the scene.


The NIA is inviting all community members to “Show Support” for THE PLAN by registering and indicating one of four levels of interest:


Level 1: Informed Resident—I’ll learn THE PLAN and prepare my household. 


Level 2: Community Responder—I’ll answer a call-to-action following an emergency.

Level 3: Block Captain - I’d consider being the communication link to a group of approximately 30 households.

Level 4: Committee Member - I’m interested in attending meetings to help get the island-wide emergency response plan fully operational and  supported.

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