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This is not scary! This is basically an acknowledgement that you know there is an island-wide plan and that you will learn a bit about it and support its execution. You will find out who your Emergency Response Block Captain is, become familiar with the basics of The Plan, and stay plugged in by providing your email address for periodic updates. Our goal is 500 supporters by the end of the year.

Supporting the island's emergency response plan starts with a commitment to become familiar with The Plan.


By Showing Your Support, you will be added to our communication list and will receive periodic informational emails that will help you evaluate your preparedness for an earthquake, tsunami or other large scale catastrophe.

You can Show Your Support of Naples Plan at any of four levels…

Level 1 - Informed Islander

I'd like to learn "The Plan" and prepare my household!

Level 2 - Responder

I'd like to learn the plan and would answer a "call-to-action" for my Block and/or Division following an emergency, if I am on the island and able-bodied at the time of the incident. I would work with my Block Captain to determine the role that matches my comfort/capabilities (roles include: emotional care, pet care, senior care, fire suppression, search + rescue, radio communications, logistics, medical care, and numerous others - there's something for virtually everyone!)

Level 3 - Block Captain

Be the communication link to a group of approximately 30-40 households. I'd like to learn more about the plan and about this role.

Level 4 - Committee Member

Help develop and implement the island-wide emergency response plan. I'd like to learn more about the plan, the committee and the current needs/priorities

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