Support N.I.A. by Donating and/or Volunteering

The Naples Improvement Association (NIA) is a 100% volunteer organization. The NIA is solely funded with the generous donations of the families, friends, neighbors and merchants who have a love and appreciation for Naples.

Your donations and the dedication of the NIA volunteers make possible the amazing projects and events seen throughout the year on Naples.

The annual membership drive is critical to make Naples not just a neighborhood but a community of friends, families, guests and visitors who are delighted by what Naples is and does.

The NIA needs financial donations to sustain the numerous events and activities to assist in the positive growth of the community. However financial consideration is not our only objective.


The NIA is continually seeking volunteers to help with every aspect of the organization. Whether you’ve just moved to Naples or have been a resident for decades you can still contribute, enhance, and be part of the community spirit.  The NIA is nothing without you!

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Representing Naples Island In the Vogalonga since 1985


Many NIA volunteers give hundreds of hours of their own time to ensure old traditions continue and new traditions blossom. They also often make lifelong friends by participating.



Thousands are awestruck by the holiday boat parade and being engulfed in the euphoric display of lights and decorations of so many homes.



Watch and listen to the community camaraderie during the summer sunset concerts or volunteer to flip flapjacks at the extremely popular and delicious pancake breakfast.



The NIA and the community applaud the residents who spend the time and effort decorating their homes for the holidays. The extraordinary memories and delight you provide for the residents, guests and visitors are immeasurable. Every person who says hello to a friend, neighbor, boater, or even a stranger helps keep the community connected and protected.



To the esteemed garden club, the Naples Island Business Association (NIBA) and every team in-between that contributes to the beauty and health of Naples, we thank you.



To the merchants and businesses who have donated gifts and prizes for our many events as well as the generosity given to every NIA Member, you are truly appreciated.

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